There is a C++ function that returns a vector of floats. How to convert this vector to NumPy array without copying? Now I'm doing this:

cdef np.ndarray arr = np.ascontiguousarray(cpp_vector, dtype=np.float)
return arr

but this works very slow (assume copying occurs) on large vectors.

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    The problem is, can you ensure, that the cpp_vector is long enough alive? Otherwise you will get dangling pointers in the numpy-array. – ead Jan 9 at 14:47
  • related stackoverflow.com/a/55959886/5769463 – ead Jan 9 at 14:47
  • Note that the C++ standard doest not garantee that IEEE 754 format is used, even if it is the case with most (all ?) compilers. Should not it be a problem here? – Damien Jan 9 at 14:55
  • Once you get buffer interface you can use docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy-1.17.0/reference/generated/… to get a numpy array without copying. If buffer interface is too much you can slightly change memory-nanny-approach from the first link to use std::vector. Btw with std::move (C++11) or std::swap (also C++98) you can change the owership of the data in std::vector. – ead Jan 9 at 21:04

Casting the vector to float array and telling it to numpy should do the trick.

cdef float[::1] arr = <float [:cpp_vector.size()]>cpp_vector.data()
return arr

# arr is of type Memoryview. To cast into Numpy:
np_arr = np.asarray(arr)

The [::1] notation refers to a Typed MemoryView (link). In the link you'll get more examples. We also use np.asarray to turn tne MemoryView into a numpy array (answered in SO Here). The idea is to tell Cython to look at that memory space with a predefined format, avoiding any copying. Expanding from this section of the docs named Coertion to Numpy:

Memoryview (and array) objects can be coerced to a NumPy ndarray, without having to copy the data. You can e.g. do:

cimport numpy as np
import numpy as np

numpy_array = np.asarray(<np.float_t[:10, :10]> my_pointer)

Of course, you are not restricted to using NumPy’s type (such as np.float_ here), you can use any usable type.

Source: https://cython.readthedocs.io/en/latest/src/userguide/memoryviews.html#coercion-to-numpy

  • I get Pointer base type does not match cython.array base type. I think it is because vector has plain C float, but I'm trying to convert it to np.float_t. How to fix this? – 0x1337 Jan 9 at 14:52
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    plain C float might be equivalent to np.float32 (32 bits) and not np.float_ (64 bits). Play a bit with the output type and you should get it right. – ibarrond Jan 9 at 14:57
  • Note: please modify or comment my answer when you get it right! We all want to learn how to do it. – ibarrond Jan 9 at 15:02
  • I tried cdef float[::1] arr = <float [:cpp_vector.size()]>cpp_vector.data(); return arr, it returns <MemoryView of 'array' object> (it's OK). If I do return np.asarray(arr) I get Segmentation fault... – 0x1337 Jan 9 at 15:06
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    This has memory management issues - it doesn't link the lifetime of the vector to that of the numpy array – DavidW Jan 9 at 15:47

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