I have a progressive web app and I wish to make changes to its manifest file like a change to its start_url, scope, icon, name and short_name. I wish to know, when is it that the updates to the progressive web app take place after making a change to its manifest? I tried the following to force update the web app on Chrome browser:

  • Launch WebAPK
  • Close the WebAPK
  • Modify the Web Manifest
  • Advance Android's system time by 3 days. On my device: Settings>System>Date & Time>Set date
  • Launch WebAPK, wait a few seconds
  • Run adb shell dumpsys jobscheduler | JOB.*91.*org.chromium.components.background_task_scheduler.BackgroundTaskJobService
  • Check that the output is not empty
  • Close the WebAPK
  • Run adb shell cmd jobscheduler run -f com.android.chrome 91 to force an update

However, I wish to know what is the real criteria for update to the web app after a change to the manifest file is done? Please can someone attach a code snippet supporting the same, which may be specific to how Chrome implements it?

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