Trying to implement OAuth2 in a microservices architecture. The application Gateway is fine for end users logging in (using Okta), however I'm struggling to integrate the suggestions for service to service from Okta Client Credentials Flow Guidlines. The guideline suggest the following (which does indeed work with the older spring security Oauth2 2.2.1):

protected ClientCredentialsResourceDetails oAuthDetails() {
    return new ClientCredentialsResourceDetails();

protected RestTemplate restTemplate() {
    return new OAuth2RestTemplate(oAuthDetails());

However in 2.4, this all appears to be deprecated. I can't find any working examples of how to implement this in such a neat way. Am I missing something obvious, is this integrated into WebClient that I can use with feign in some way? None of the Okta or other Oauth2 examples seem to detail the Client Credential Flow for the new model in 2.4.

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