I am looking for an Open source Business Intelligent (BI) Solutions for my organization. So I am trying WSO2 Stream Processor and I could not find any graphical Interface for building RDBMS Queries.

I check editor, portal and widgets.
widgets was very nice for visualizing data but samples were limited and I could not find what I am looking for.

Specially I need an Interface that show me my DB (or multipe DBs) and when I select Them show me Tables and I Could select Tables and building My Query Graphically.

Thank you in advanced.


As of now, this is not available in the Editor/Tooling interface. However, it will be easier if this can be viewed on the Editor itself. You can raise a feature request in Siddhi distribution repo and the team will see if we can incorporate it into the roadmap.

Please note, WSO2SP is not currently under active development and you can try the latest WSO2 Streaming Integrator or OSS option of Siddhi Cloud-native Stream Processor. However, Streaming Integrator focuses on streaming data integration. Whereas Siddhi Cloud-native Stream Processor bundles the newest version of Siddhi and it's a tool for building fully-fledged event-driven applications.

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