Suppose I want a UI where users in a group have a synchronized view. Imagine a group-chat application, where everyone in the group should see the exact same messages.

When a user posts a message to the group, the entire group needs to receive it.

With JS, I might use SignalR Groups, and have the front-end generate a SignalR event with a message is posted. The server-side hub would then send that message out to the group.

On Server-Side Blazor, since all the users' states are already on the server, how would I coordinate updating the UI of groups of users on Blazor?

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    Perhaps you could subscribe each user to an event that gets fired when any user submits a message, and that event would update the individual users components?
    – Kyle
    Jan 13, 2020 at 17:51

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I was trying to achieve something similar. After a while, I discovered a way of doing this. Kyle's answer helped me figure it out.

You must create a class, let's call Messenger, which has an Action property, and a method that invokes this Action once called

public Action OnMessage { get; set; }
public void AddMessage(string message)
  Text = message;

In the razor component, inject the Messenger. Also, you should set an event to the OnMessage property, and then call StateHasChanged in order to tell the view that it can update

@inject Messenger messenger
// rest of component here, and then the code block 
protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync()
  messenger.OnMessage += () =>
    // do something with the messenger.Text here

Don't forget, on your Startup class, add the class Messenger as a Singleton in order to have it available for injection


I hope that is what you were trying to achieve, and it can help others as well. Cheers.

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    This sure have gave me perspective but won't it just keeps adding on to the OnMessage delegate a new anonymous action every time a user opens a new circuit or just reloads the component?
    – Takelovski
    May 28, 2021 at 9:56

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