There is a rest api to retrieve all published apis in wso2 store. But I didn't find a rest api to filter out store apis by name, provider or version. Is there a rest api for my requirement or can I customize find all api?

  • Find a way to filter using /api/am/store/v0.10/apis?query=name:<api-name> Is this a recommended?? – Migara Pramod Jan 12 at 3:12
  • /api/am/store/v0.10/apis?query=name:<api-name> Can I provide more than one query param for this api – Migara Pramod Jan 12 at 3:28
  • yes. you can use above to filter APIs by name, if you want to filter by provider use, /api/am/store/v0.10/apis?query=provider:<provider_name> and to filter by version use /api/am/store/v0.10/apis?query=version:<api-version>. You can find the supported list of query prefixes (in the latest APIM version 3.0.0) here apim.docs.wso2.com/en/latest/Learn/ConsumeAPI/DiscoverAPIs/… – naoko Jan 12 at 3:29
  • And yes, you can provide more than one query param for the API, for example if you want to filter APIs having the name like PizzaShack and the version as 1.0 the query string would be 'name:PizzaShack version:1.0', You have to url encode this section before using, ex : /api/am/store/v0.10/apis?query=name%3APizzaShack%20version%3A1.0 – naoko Jan 12 at 3:33
  • I tested for more than one query param as /api/am/store/v0.10/apis?query=name%3AAp1-ms6-Ap1-ms6%20provider%3Aadmin But it gives an error message. { "description": "Provided query parameter 'name:Ap1-ms6-Ap1-ms6 provider:admin' is invalid", "error": [], "code": 400, "moreInfo": "", "message": "Bad Request" } – Migara Pramod Jan 12 at 6:17

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