How can I import file in the swSrc while using Wrokbox. I want to import file in sw.js

        swSrc: "./src/sw.js",
        swDest: "service-worker.js"

You can use importScripts global function https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Web_Workers_API/Using_web_workers#Importing_scripts_and_libraries.

You can not use ES2015 import though. It is not natively supported.

  • i have to import the idb and Storage file. I have code as below. importScripts("https://unpkg.com/idb@5.0.0/build/cjs/index.js", "/Storage.js", "/precache-manifest.338ef4bfe6ec3c2b842ee6c3c962f4f8.js", "https://storage.googleapis.com/workbox-cdn/releases/3.6.3/workbox-sw.js"); But It throws an error while importing idb from following url. But it work fine for Storage.js file Any Idea – Bibek Jan 13 at 10:44
  • While using import in the Storage.js It throws Cannot use import statement outside a module. I am using the webpack in react for this project. so, chaning the build fie in every build is also pain. – Bibek Jan 13 at 10:55

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