So here is my problem,

I have a file sample.clj in namespace abc.xyzin which i am calling db init method directly before doing any CRUD operation.

(db/init some-config)

When i require this namespace abc.xyz in a test namespace cdf.qpr as (:require [abc.xyz :refer :all]), db is already being initialized with some-config but i want to initialize it with some-other-config.

How can i require namespace preventing call of db/init


Without changing the code in namespace abc.xyz, in particular changing the line (db/init some-config), what you ask is not possible.

A more productive approach would be to ask "How do other people handle this situation, without having a top level expression like (db/init some-config) in their namespaces? I suspect most put calls like that not as top level expressions in their namespaces, but inside some init function for their entire application.

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