I have a ASP.NET boilerplate project, and the user's login/register has to be based on OTP code. So there are several redundant fields in User table, including Email and IsEmailConfirmed.

I tried not inheriting my User from abpUser, then got error in my UserManager which inherits from AbpUserManager. Seems like everything is tied to AbpUser and AbpUserBase.

I know I can override AbpUserManager methods, and maybe put some default values for these fields. But is there a clean way to get rid of these fields?


You can use Fluent API in your DbContext's OnModelCreating method.

protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder builder)

    builder.Entity<CustomUser>().Ignore(x => x.Email);
    builder.Entity<CustomUser>().Ignore(x => x.EmailConfirmed);

This will result in those fields not getting mapped. However they still will be the part of your CustomUser class, because they are inherited from the IdentityUser. Note that this can break some methods of the UserManager (e.g. FindByEmailAsync).

enter image description here

  • Thank you. Your solution does exactly what was in my mind. However, I decided not to do that. Because it's so tricky and can make bugs that I'm not aware of. – Maddie Jan 14 at 6:13

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