I am using the LinkedIn Marketing Development Platform where I am trying to provide a list of company URNs to to the Ad Analytics API. However, when I try to provide a list of company URNs, it fails with status 400.

Analytics Finder endpoint docs

My request:

GET https://api.linkedin.com/v2/adAnalyticsV2?q=analytics&pivot=CAMPAIGN&dateRange.start.day=1&dateRange.start.month=1&dateRange.start.year=2017&timeGranularity=ALL&companies=urn:li:organization:1234,urn:li:organization:5678


{"message":"Array parameter 'companies' value 'urn:li:organization:1234,urn:li:organization:5678' is invalid. Reason: Deserializing output 'urn:li:organization:1234,urn:li:organization:5678' failed","status":400}

I have also tried URL encoding the URL, and providing the list via the parameter companies[0] as is done in other examples in the docs.

What is the correct way to input arrays to the LinkedIn API?

Edit: Changed accounts to companies


You'll need to provide the list of URL encoded organization URNs to the accounts param. Using your request as an example:


  • While this method makes sense, it doesn't seem to work with this specific endpoint. See my answer for alternatives. – Stephan Cilliers Jan 14 at 16:15
  • @lotm You need to pass the following header to allow RestLi v2 format: X-RestLi-Protocol-Version: 2.0.0 – Christopher Ou Jan 14 at 18:23
  • Thank you I tried it, but now it seems to be complaining about the formatting of the date... Could you perhaps advise how the date should be formatted in RestLi v2 format? – Stephan Cilliers Jan 14 at 18:45
  • Have you tried using this format for the date object? dateRange=(start:(day:28,month:7,year:2019)) – Christopher Ou Jan 15 at 21:44

So the Protocol Version actually gave me some useful insight. There are a couple of ways of providing arrays in parameters.

From the docs:

For Restli V1.0 (used by default)

GET GET https://api.linkedin.com/people?ids=1&ids=2&ids=3

For Restli V2.0, which you can use by setting the following header: X-RestLi-Protocol-Version: 2.0.0

Pass parameters in List format.

GET https://api.linkedin.com/v2/people?ids=List(1,2,3,4)

However, I have not managed to get the Analytics Finder API to work with Restli V2.0.

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