I have a React.js Project that Receive the Notification from Firebase Cloud Messaging. I want to store the notification in the indexedDB or Local Storage from Service Worker, I want a Modal to be displayed when the user enters the program. This Modal has notification information that is Saved. How I Can do this?


Would this help?

// Get the notification, then
// Assuming your notification is an object
const notification = { id: 1, body: 'This is my notification' };

// Save notification in localStore
const jsonData = JSON.stringify(notification)
localStorage.setItem('myNotification', jsonData )

// Retrieve the notification from localStorage
let retreivedNotification = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('myNotification'))
// Display the notification

For example, to display the notification when app is started, you need to retreive and display the notification like in example above.

I think you should checkout React Hooks to see if there is a hook to fire your code for displaying the notification when app is started

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