since the new version of WSO2 (7.0.1 - micro integrator). It doesn't seem to be able to send out hl7 messages anymore. Is there a config that needs to be applied? I have built a very simple Proxy - Custom Proxy with a port that is listening for hl7 messages. I can get the messages into WSO2 and can see the soap envelope, but I can't send them out to a hl7 receiver. I use the URI of hl7://localhost and port. Any help will be appreciated. It seems that the change to docker has changed the way WSO2 is handling outgoing messages. Can anybody explain please - the documentation unfortunately is not very conclusive.

P.S> to the admins - it would be beneficial for newbies to actually provide feedback why you close a case and not just a generic "more info". I think I have provided the info regrading version and message type as well as engine.


Harry L

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