**There are six modules in this game and the main problem is its showing this all errors actually i was doing this project from a book called python crash course everything was going fine till this error came and i m trying every possible way but its not going forward **

"Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:/Users/oracle.DESKTOP-DESAP2E/PycharmProjects/Alien_invasion/start_game", line 29, in <module>
  File "C:/Users/oracle.DESKTOP-DESAP2E/PycharmProjects/Alien_invasion/start_game", line 27, in run_game
    gf.update_screen(ai_settings, screen, ship, aliens, bullets)
  File "C:\Users\oracle.DESKTOP-DESAP2E\PycharmProjects\Alien_invasion\game_functions.py", line 74, in update_screen
  File "C:\Users\oracle.DESKTOP-DESAP2E\PycharmProjects\Alien_invasion\venv\lib\site-packages\pygame\sprite.py", line 476, in draw
    self.spritedict[spr] = surface_blit(spr.image, spr.rect)
AttributeError: 'Alien' object has no attribute 'image'"

-----and the code is here....


import pygame
from settings import Settings
from ship import Ship
import game_functions as gf
from pygame.sprite import Group

def run_game():
    ai_settings = Settings()

    screen = pygame.display.set_mode((ai_settings.screenwidth,ai_settings.screenheight))
    pygame.display.set_caption("Alien Invasion")

    # Make a ship, a group of bullets, and a group of aliens.
    ship = Ship(ai_settings,screen)
    # Make a group to store bullets in.
    bullets = Group()
    aliens = Group()

    # Create a fleet of aliens
    gf.create_fleet(ai_settings, screen, aliens)
    while True:
        gf.update_screen(ai_settings, screen, ship, aliens, bullets)



import sys
import pygame
from bullet import Bullet
from alien import Alien

def check_keydown_evnets(event,ai_settings,screen,ship,bullets):
    """This part works when right arrow key is pressed"""
    if event.key == pygame.K_RIGHT:
        ship.moving_right = True
    elif event.key == pygame.K_LEFT:
        ship.moving_left = True
    elif event.key == pygame.K_SPACE:
    elif event.key == pygame.K_q:

def check_keyup_events(event,ship):
    """This part works when right arrow key is released"""
    if event.key == pygame.K_RIGHT:
        ship.moving_right = False
    elif event.key == pygame.K_LEFT:
        ship.moving_left = False

def check_events(ai_settings, screen, ship, bullets):
    for event in pygame.event.get():
        if event.type == pygame.QUIT:
        elif event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN:
            check_keydown_evnets(event, ai_settings, screen, ship, bullets)
        elif event.type == pygame.KEYUP:

def update_bullets(bullets):
    """Update position of bullets and get rid of old bullets."""
    # Update bullet positions.
    for bullet in bullets.copy():
        if bullet.rect.bottom <= 0:

def fire_bullet(ai_settings, screen, ship, bullets):
    # checks whether max bullets on screen are 3 and adds new bullet
    if len(bullets) < ai_settings.bullets_allowed:
        new_bullet = Bullet(ai_settings, screen, ship)

def create_fleet(ai_settings, screen, aliens):
    """Create a full fleet of aliens."""
    # Create an alien and find the number of aliens in a row.
    # Spacing between each alien is equal to one alien width.
    alien = Alien(ai_settings,screen)
    alien_width = alien.rect.width
    available_space_x = ai_settings.screenwidth - (2 * alien_width)
    number_alien_x = int(available_space_x / (2 * alien_width))

    # Create the first row of the alien
    for alien_number in range(number_alien_x):
        # Create an alien and place it in a row
        alien = Alien(ai_settings, screen)
        alien.x = alien_width + 2 * alien_width * alien_number
        alien.rect.x = alien.x

"""updates the screen"""
def update_screen(ai_settings,screen,ship,aliens,bullets):
    # redraw the screen during each pass of the loop
    # Redraw all bullets behind ship and aliens.
    for bullet in bullets.sprites():


    # Make the most recently drawn screen visible.


import pygame
from pygame.sprite import Sprite

class Bullet(Sprite):
    """a class to manage bullets fired from the ship"""
    def __init__(self,ai_settings,screen,ship):
        # create a bullet object from ship current position
        self.screen = screen

        # create a bullet
        self.rect = pygame.Rect(0,0,ai_settings.bullet_width,ai_settings.bullet_height)
        self.rect.centerx = ship.rect.centerx
        self.rect.top = ship.rect.top

        # stores bullets position as a decimal
        self.y = float(self.rect.y)

        self.color = ai_settings.bullet_color
        self.speed_factor = ai_settings.bullet_speed_factor

    def update(self):
        """Move the bullet up the screen."""
        # Update the decimal position of the bullet.
        self.y -= self.speed_factor
        # Update the rect position.
        self.rect.y = self.y

    def draw_bullet(self):
        """Draw the bullets to the screen"""


class Settings():
    """A class to store all the settings of the game"""

    def __init__(self):
        """Initializes the game settings"""
        #screen settings
        self.screenwidth = 1200
        self.screenheight = 600
        self.bg_color = (200,230,230)

        #ship settings
        self.ship_speed_factor = 1.5

        # Bullet settings
        self.bullet_speed_factor = 0.5
        self.bullet_width = 3
        self.bullet_height = 15
        self.bullet_color = 60, 60, 60
        self.bullets_allowed = 3


import pygame

class Ship():
    def __init__(self,ai_settings,screen):
        """Initialize ship at starting position"""
        self.screen = screen
        self.ai_settings = ai_settings
        self.image = pygame.image.load('images/ship2.bmp')
        self.rect = self.image.get_rect()
        self.screen_rect = self.screen.get_rect()
        self.rect.centerx = self.screen_rect.centerx
        self.rect.bottom = self.screen_rect.bottom

        # Store a decimal value for the ship's center.
        self.center = float(self.rect.centerx)

        # movement flags
        self.moving_right = False
        self.moving_left = False

    """Updates ship when key is pressed whether left or right based on movement flags"""
    def update(self):
        # Update the ship's center value, not the rect.
        if self.moving_right and self.rect.right < self.screen_rect.right:
            self.center += self.ai_settings.ship_speed_factor
        if self.moving_left and self.rect.left > 0:
            self.center -= self.ai_settings.ship_speed_factor

        # Update rect object from self.center.
        self.rect.centerx = self.center

    def blitme(self):
        """Draw the ship at its current location"""


from pygame.sprite import Sprite
import pygame

class Alien(Sprite):
    """A class to represent a single alien in the fleet."""
    def __init__(self, ai_settings, screen):
        """Initialize the alien and set its starting position."""
        self.screen = screen
        self.ai_settings = ai_settings

        # Load the alien image and set its rect attribute.
        self.alien_img = pygame.image.load('images/alien.bmp')
        self.rect = self.alien_img.get_rect()

        # Start each new alien near the top left of the screen.
        self.rect.x = self.rect.width
        self.rect.y = self.rect.height

        # Stores alien's exact position
        self.x = float(self.rect.x)

    def blitme(self):
        """ Draw the aliens at its current position"""
        self.screen.blit(self.alien_img, self.rect)
  • I think it's because Alien has no attribute image, only alien_img – Nathan Jan 13 at 12:52

If you use pygame's Sprite and Group to draw a sprite on the screen, the sprite needs an image attribute.

That's neither the case for the Alien class nor the Bullet class.

A quick fix for the Alien class is to rename the alien_img attribute to image, as Nathan already said in a comment.

There are also a lot of other strange things in this code, like this copy/remove

for bullet in bullets.copy():
    if bullet.rect.bottom <= 0:

instead of using kill() of the Ship class, which looks like a Sprite with its rect and image attribute, but it doesn't inherit from pygame.Sprite etc etc.

  • i had done change name of alien_img to image – The Terminator Jan 14 at 10:37
  • and i did got the output but why its not working with other name that is my question whats going inside i cant make a image – The Terminator Jan 14 at 10:38
  • @TheTerminator When you use a Group to draw something to the screen the Group class looks for the image attribute of each sprite inside its collection of sprites. You can not expect that it magically knows which attribute represents the Surface it should blit to the screen. I've seem this code several times on SO and it's just not a good example to learn from. – sloth Jan 14 at 10:52

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