I am new to PWA, i am curious to know that is it possible to create a PWA in angularjs? please provide steps to make PWA using angularjs if it is possible to create PWA using angularjs.


There's nothing framework-specific about PWAs - your site just has to meet a certain set of criteria:

  • Everything is served over HTTPS
  • The design must be responsive
  • Your app must be available offline (i.e. it needs a Service Worker)
  • You need to provide a manifest file containing metadata about your application
  • Your app must work in all modern browsers
  • Page transitions shouldn't block the app (i.e. you need to show loading screens/spinners if things are taking a while to load)
  • Each page in the app needs a unique URL All of that is achievable with Angular 1 - it'll probably be easier with a modern framework, but there's nothing stopping you sticking with what you've got, for now at least.

look at this github project https://github.com/addyosmani/angular1-dribbble-pwa

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