NewBie here. I am struggling with adding SNMP connector to my ESB project. As per https://docs.wso2.com/display/ESBCONNECTORS/Configuring+SNMP+Inbound+Operations

    Step1) I created folders and added files to /home/repository/components/dropins 
    and  home/repository/components/libs
    Step2) I then created inbound-endpoint for SNMP in my EI editor. 
since my inbound Endpoint editor design layout looked different from wso2 tutorial i mentioned above, I copied Inbound Configuration from tutorial.
    Step3) I also went ahead and created sequence as request.xml [took code from tutorial]

When I deployed my Inbound EP and sequence, I am getting

   ERROR - GenericEventBasedListener Class org.wso2.carbon.inbound.snmp.SNMPListeningConsumer not found. Please check the required class is added to the classpath.
**java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.wso2.carbon.inbound.snmp.SNMPListeningConsumer cannot be found by synapse-core_2.1.7.wso2v80**

What else should I do to get my SNMP files in to classpath? I have restarted my server and SNMP connector is available on the Palette in EI 6.4.0.

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