I'm trying to use a lambda expression in a forEach loop to concatenate to a variable "i" a string that is evaluated for each object.

here is the code

private String getStringActiveRooms(@NotNull ArrayList<Chat_room> c){
    String i;
    c.forEach( (chat_room) -> i = i.concat(chat_room.getName() + "[" + chat_room.activeUsers() + "/" + chat_room.maxUsers() + "]" + ", "));

    return i;


It throws me an error because external variables must be final to be used in a lambda expression.
But if I make final the variable I can't change it and the code didn't work.

Does anyone have a solution?


You can use StringBuffer

private String getStringActiveRooms(@NotNull ArrayList<Chat_room> c){
    final StringBuffer i = new StringBuffer();
    c.forEach( (chat_room) -> i.append(chat_room.getName() + "[" + chat_room.activeUsers() + "/" + chat_room.maxUsers() + "]" + ", "));

    return i.toString();


In addition you have to know that using StringBuffer is better from a performance point of view: String are immutable this means that if you have a String i every iteration i + "something" creates a new String object in the heap space allocating memory for a temporary variable

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