I developed an input that allows me to select multiple files. In these selected files, I show the name and type.

In the class of name and type when clicking I hold that a function is performed, however whenever I click there the input is always open.

How can I prevent the input from opening when I click on the label to execute the function () function.

Can anyone help me?



<ngx-dropzone (change)="onSelect($event)">
    <ngx-dropzone-preview *ngFor="let f of files" [removable]="true" (removed)="onRemove(f)">
        <ngx-dropzone-label (click)="function()">({{ f.type }})
        <ngx-dropzone-label (click)="function()">{{ f.name }} </ngx-dropzone-label>

Stopping event bubbling should do the trick for you.


See your modified example here ->

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