I am currently trying to run some boto3 commands for quicksight on Glue pyspark. When I try to create the boto3 client, I receive the error below. I have found the verision that is being used in Glue (boto3 version: 1.8.9) by using code below. Is there a way to update the glue version for Glue Pyspark Jobs?

I have tried to update the egg file used in job and that did not work. I have also tried to update the boto3 version in code (below), but it requires elevated permissions.

Python Code to Update:

import pip

pip.main(['install', '--upgrade', 'boto3'])

Python code to find version:

 print(f"boto3 version: {boto3.__version__}")

Error Message:

{'exception': "Failed to get quicksight dashboards for account {account # removed } with error: Unknown service: 'quicksight'. Valid service names are: acm, acm-pca, alexaforbusiness, apigateway, application-autoscaling, appstream, appsync, athena, autoscaling, autoscaling-plans, batch, budgets, ce, cloud9, clouddirectory, cloudformation, cloudfront, cloudhsm, cloudhsmv2, cloudsearch, cloudsearchdomain, cloudtrail, cloudwatch, codebuild, codecommit, codedeploy, codepipeline, codestar, cognito-identity, cognito-idp, cognito-sync, comprehend, config, connect, cur, datapipeline, dax, devicefarm, directconnect, discovery, dlm, dms, ds, dynamodb, dynamodbstreams, ec2, ecr, ecs, efs, eks, elasticache, elasticbeanstalk, elastictranscoder, elb, elbv2, emr, es, events, firehose, fms, gamelift, glacier, glue, greengrass, guardduty, health, iam, importexport, inspector, iot, iot-data, iot-jobs-data, iot1click-devices, iot1click-projects, iotanalytics, kinesis, kinesis-video-archived-media, kinesis-video-media, kinesisanalytics, kinesisvideo, kms, lambda, lex-models, lex-runtime, lightsail, logs, machinelearning, macie, marketplace-entitlement, marketplacecommerceanalytics, mediaconvert, medialive, mediapackage, mediastore, mediastore-data, mediatailor, meteringmarketplace, mgh, mobile, mq, mturk, neptune, opsworks, opsworkscm, organizations, pi, pinpoint, polly, pricing, rds, redshift, rekognition, resource-groups, resourcegroupstaggingapi, route53, route53domains, s3, sagemaker, sagemaker-runtime, sdb, secretsmanager, serverlessrepo, servicecatalog, servicediscovery, ses, shield, signer, sms, snowball, sns, sqs, ssm, stepfunctions, storagegateway, sts, support, swf, transcribe, translate, waf, waf-regional, workdocs, workmail, workspaces, xray", 'table_name': 'data_sets', 'execution': 'rebuild'}

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