I am having trouble with 404.19 errors for an aspx page when a querystring is passed to it that contains 0x anywhere in it.

I don't have access to IIS and so I am trying to address the FilteringRules via web.config.

Just to get the whole thing moving I am currently trying to remove all filtering by using the following in web.config...

      <filteringRule name="SQLInjection" scanUrl="false" scanQueryString="true">
            <clear />     
            <clear />

Any querystring with 0x in it is still causing the 404.19 error though.

I know that what I have put in the config is sort of working because if I add something like <add string="cast" /> in the <denyStrings> section then I am able to get other, directly specified strings to cause the error.

What am I missing please?

  • According to your description, I suggest you could try to use Fail request tracing to see what has happened when you use 0x in the querystring. The FRT could find out which step throw the error, then you could check the related setting. More details about how to use FRT,you could refer to this article. – Brando Zhang Jan 15 at 6:56

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