Windows 7/Access 2007 - VBA Module Font is set to some outrageous font I can not even determine.

Moved the .accdb to another clean node - no problem.

Looking at any Office Application renders the VBA in outrageous font. But the code works as always.

Most notably - Tools - Options - Editor Format (crashes the program)

To make it so I can change the font back to say - Geneva - I did the following.

Ran repair in Office 2007 Deinstalled - Reinstalled Office 2007 Create New Access App and imported everything into it.

Each of these 3 steps has done nothing to solve the problem.

  • FWIW I saw a similar problem posted about Office 2016 Mac, but no resolution to the issue. Given what you've already tried... If you create a new Windows User Profile do things work correctly? – Cindy Meister Jan 15 at 19:20

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