First of all when I am loading my application it is not coming at first . I have to reload my page. Then I can see my login page. Upon login also when I am hitting 3-4 times it is redirecting to my dashboard.

I can see on console there is manifest 403 error GET https://xyz-devserver.io/manifest.webmanifest 403 .

I believe there is some caching problem happening in my PWA service worker.

Also when I am loading my app , at first I can see install app icon on url bar but I cannon see the loaded login landing page. Upon refreshing the page I can see login UI but now that install app icon disappears.

For multiple click in login I am getting this error:-

ERROR TypeError: You provided 'undefined' where a stream was expected. You can provide an Observable, Promise, Array, or Iterable.

What is the problem for this I can't figure this out.

  • 403 means you are not authorized. Make sure your manifest file is available without an authentication token. Another thought is to make sure you have the right Content-Type header on the manifest, application/manifest. Some web servers will make you configure the .manifest type to be served. For example IIS will block it by default. – Chris Love Jan 19 at 19:49

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