I am newbie to service worker, I am writing a custom sw.js for my react project to support pwa. It has graphql implementation at the back-end. I have cached the responses of the graphql responses but unable to serve if user goes offline. This is the custom sw.js snippet code :

if(event.request.url=== 'https://my.custombackend.com/graphql'){
              console.log('graphql request incoming!');
            return event.respondWith(
              caches.match('/graphql').then(graphqlRes=>{     //THIS LINE IS CAUSING ERROR AS sw.js is unable to retrieve such match . But in image you can see I have already cached the graphql response.
                console.log('graphql request being served from cache');
                return graphqlRes;
               else return fetch(event.request).then(cacheToBe=>{
                return caches.open(dynamicCache).then(newEntry=>{
                  console.log('graphql request served! Now caching...');
                  newEntry.put(event.request.url, cacheToBe.clone());
                  return cacheToBe;

Expected behavior : sw.js should fetch the required '/graphql' cached data. Actual behavior : It doesn't recognizes that and falls back to offline.html

image link: https://i.stack.imgur.com/pV3jk.png

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