I know the title is weird but I will try to explain my issue. I have two app.js I have to connect. One expect call that returns a promise. Second app calls a custom event. The data comes back in another custom event. One of my ideas was somehow create a promise on sending event, and resolve it on listener. Unfortunately, I don't know how, or if this, if it's even possible this way. All my other Ideas are terrible hacks.

export class ClassA {   
   callback: (string)=>Promise<string>;

   constructor(callback: (string)=>Promise<string>) {        
       this.callback= callback;        

   method(data: string,  appCallback: (token) => void) {
       this.callback(data).then(() => {

second app

private callbackToPass(data: string) : Promise<string> {

    window.postMessage(`{messageName:"resourceICall", data: {dataProResource: ${data}}`, '*');        

    this.promise = new Promise(*****);
    return this.promise;

    //return of promise, if this can work i can store reference, resolve later

private listenerForRepsonseHandler(event){

    // here i need somehow resolve the promise and past data from event

  • This code seems a mismatch of several things. Is the event called listenerForResponse, resourceICallor event? What is refreshTokenResponseHandler? Where is ClassA used, or method? Where is callbackToPass ever called? Everything seems to be detached and unrelated... – trincot Jan 14 at 16:14

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