I am trying t call another service using Spring Cloud's Open Feign but here is the response I keep getting:

  "timestamp": 1579015052962,
  "status": 500,
  "error": "Internal Server Error",
  "message": "auth-service: Name or service not known executing GET http://auth-service/api/v1/auth",
  "path": "/api/v1/event"

Here's my code:

package com.eventmanager.events.client;

import com.eventmanager.events.client.mappings.Auth;
import com.eventmanager.events.config.CustomFeignClientConfig;
import com.eventmanager.events.responses.Response;

import org.springframework.cloud.openfeign.FeignClient;
import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.GetMapping;
import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestHeader;

@FeignClient(name = "auth-service", configuration = CustomFeignClientConfig.class)
public interface AuthClient {
  public Response<Auth> getLoggedUser(@RequestHeader(value = "Authorization") String authorization);

I configured Feign to use the OkHttp client and I'm not sure if it's responsible for the error:

package com.eventmanager.events.config;

import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration;

import feign.okhttp.OkHttpClient;

public class CustomFeignClientConfig {
  public OkHttpClient client() {
    return new OkHttpClient();
  • have you added eureka.instance.hostname =<hostname> in properties file – Pramod Nikam Jan 14 at 15:40
  • Are you using a discovery client like eurkea or consul? – spencergibb Jan 14 at 16:57
  • @spencergibb I am making use of Eureka – King Einsteinet Jan 18 at 13:30
  • Do you have ribbon on the classpath? What version are you using? – spencergibb Jan 18 at 23:06
  • @spencergibb. I do not have Ribbon on the classpath. I'm using the Finchley.SR1 version. – King Einsteinet Jan 22 at 10:18

May be because you have not specified base URL. for client & it is taking base URL as auth-service.

@FeignClient(name = "auth-service", configuration = CustomFeignClientConfig.class, url = "http://lcoalhost:8080")
public interface AuthClient {
  public Response<Auth> getLoggedUser(@RequestHeader(value = "Authorization") String authorization);
  • Is there need for a base url? The service name should be enough since that works locally. – King Einsteinet Jan 18 at 13:31

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