I'm building a macOS app using Electron

I try to run the following command from the main process using ipcMain and NodeJS's exec.

// Traverse to a directory and use disk usage to check folder sizes
cd ~/Library/Caches && du -sh *

The command gets executed the way I want it too but it throws an exception.

Uncaught Exception:
Error: Command failed: cd ~/Library/Caches && du -sh *
du: DEDUCTED: Operation not permitted

    at /Users/0x1ad2/Projects/DEDUCTED/node_modules/sudo-prompt/index.js:390:27
    at FSReqCallback.readFileAfterClose [as oncomplete] (internal/fs/read_file_context.js:61:3)

I also tried to attach the package sudo-prompt so the application can have root access.

No luck so far.


    const exec = require("child_process").exec;
    `cd ~/Library/Caches && du -sh * && cd ${process.cwd()}`,
    (error, stdout, stderr) => {

The problem in cd. Module sudo-prompt redirect stderror to file. Just try to run like this example or add command for return back like cd ~/Library/Caches && du -sh * && cd ${process.cwd()}

child_process.exec('push /etc\ndu -sh *\npopd', (error, stdout, stderr)=> console.log(stdout))


  • It's indeed the cd thanks for pointing that out. But still, if I let the process return via cd ${process.cwd()} it still throws the same exception.
    – 0x1ad2
    Jan 14 '20 at 16:59
  • Commands like ls, mkdr, cd and touch do work. But whenever I add du things break.
    – 0x1ad2
    Jan 14 '20 at 17:25
  • I mean cod like child_process.exec(cd ~/Library/Caches && du -sh * && cd ${process.cwd(), (error, stdout, stderr)=> console.log(stdout)) Jan 15 '20 at 8:30

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