for some a reason I need to track entry point of laravel framework,how can I do that, is there any way to do that, I need to debug also how can laravel load service provider of package step by step is there any way or something like so, I ask just if can tell me how? and what I mean by track? I mean to display stack trace when laravel run, to see variables loaded into memory.


Entry point is ./public/index.php. For debugging people usually use xdebug but I never really needed it. I usually just dd($something). If you have laravel 6 you have ddd() helper that dumps the variable but also shows you the stack trace and other useful info. You can ddd() directly in the ./vendor in the provider if you want. Put any variables you want to see in the ddd. If you don't have laravel 6 then you can throw an exception to see the trace or dd() whatever you want to see. There are other ways of course but this was always enough for me.

  • yes, dd it's working inside vendor dir, I don't think it will work inside vendor – Omda Jan 15 at 8:18

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