I recently moved from windows 10 to Ubuntu 16.04, I'm a java developer, when I was on windows I installed Vs Code with the java Extension pack. On windows I never Had problem to make my daily work, but on ubuntu, every java file is marked as error, with the message "The import cannot be resolved", searching a litle bit, i found that you can execute the command java:clean the java language server workspace, but this does not fix the problem. I also remove the tmp files from the workspace located on:


  • the current Version of Vs code is 1.41.1

  • the current version of Java Extension Pack is 0.8.1

Any ideas?.


Edit: all my java files are marked as error

inside of every java file

this is the result of the maven-install

  • Do you get that error when using javac in an Ubuntu terminal window to compile your Java code? – Andreas Jan 14 at 17:42
  • I'm working on a web application, if a use javac in a single file i get an error cannot find symbol, but, I use maven-clean -> maven- install, the build is marked as succeeded – joel Barcenas Jan 14 at 18:22
  • So you're using Maven to do a successful build. Then where does the "The import cannot be resolved" error show? – Andreas Jan 14 at 18:24
  • in every java file inside the maven protect (I'm sorry for not point that out before), in the import section. – joel Barcenas Jan 14 at 18:53
  • If every java file shows that error when building, then how can the build be marked as "succeeded"? – Andreas Jan 14 at 23:32

well, after a while of searching, I found that the "maven for java" pligun was trying to download the maven plugin "maven-metadata.xml" wich wasn't available on my repo. this caused a conflict with the initial build that maven for java was doing. to avoid to update everytime I opened vs code. I removed the option "update snapshots" update snapshots

And the initial build was done.

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