I am trying to set up a windows 2019 test environment, here is the topology:

  • ragol (PDC)
  • neudiaz (SQL)
  • cca (WSUS)
  • megane10 (w10 client)

I am trying to set up the WSUS on CCA, here is what I get: [enter image description here] Here is what NEUDIAZ\wsus looks like:

I am using the same domain admin for everything: [enter image description here] Looks like a classic firewall issue, but that doesnt seem to be the case. Plus, what caught my attention is that I get a DIFFERENT error message accessing the db instance from megane10: enter image description here

Research regarding error 26 leads to connectivity issues and permissions, and regarding error 5, I found this:SQL Server Operating system error 5: "5(Access is denied.)"

I am not sure if the issues are related.

I would be really grateful on indications on how to approach this issue. This is my first 2019 environment. I use to make them 2012r2. I am obviously missing something.

Thank you very much,

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