Does anyone know which ESLint configuration rule is causing my jsx inside parenthesis to be 4 more spaces on the left then I expect?

import React from 'react';

import './styles.scss';

const TableWrapper = ({
}) => (
        <div className="table-wrapper">

export default TableWrapper;

Using eslint:recommended, plugin:react/recommended, and eslint-config-prettier


It has nothing to do with the eslint. Spaces between and so on, is your prettier. I would suggest you create a .prettierrc file in the root folder and play with the settings. Here is a basic example of what you can copy paste into the file

 "endOfLine": "lf",
 "semi": true,
 "singleQuote": true,
 "tabWidth": 2,
 "trailingComma": "es5",

In your case, the tabWidth will affect how much spaces there is between your parentheses

  • Thank you for responding. I don't think this is prettier. I have a . prettierrc with "tabWidth": 4. My spacing everywhere else looks correct, it's just in jsx inside parenthesis. – AndrewHipp Jan 14 at 19:47

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