i have cloned this repository from https://github.com/modularcode/modular-admin-html and followed the instructions, i have Node.js Version 12.14.1 installed on my machine. and i also have npm v6.13.6. i ran the following bash scripts in the root directory of the project: npm install npm run-script start and the following was outputted:

PS C:\users\Dilan2814\source\repos\modular-admin-html> npm run-script start

> modular-admin-html@1.4.0 start C:\users\Dilan2814\source\repos\modular-admin-html
> npm run gulp
> modular-admin-html@1.4.0 gulp C:\users\Dilan2814\source\repos\modular-admin-html
> gulp --gulpfile build/gulpfile.js

[19:28:47] Working directory changed to C:\users\Dilan2814\source\repos\modular-admin-html\build
[19:28:48] Using gulpfile C:\users\Dilan2814\source\repos\modular-admin-html\build\gulpfile.js
[19:28:48] Starting 'default'...
[19:28:48] Starting 'clean'...
[19:28:48] Finished 'clean' after 77 ms
[19:28:48] Starting 'app_assets'...
[19:28:48] Starting 'app_scripts'...
[19:28:48] Starting 'app_pages'...
[19:28:48] Starting 'vendor_assets'...
[19:28:48] Starting 'vendor_scripts'...
[19:28:48] Starting 'vendor_styles'...
[19:28:48] Starting 'app_styles'...
[19:28:49] Finished 'vendor_assets' after 1.22 s
[19:28:49] Finished 'vendor_styles' after 1.28 s
[19:28:56] Finished 'app_scripts' after 8.83 s
[19:28:56] Finished 'app_pages' after 8.83 s
[19:28:56] Finished 'vendor_scripts' after 8.83 s
[19:28:56] Finished 'app_assets' after 8.84 s
[19:28:57] Finished 'app_styles' after 8.66 s
[19:28:57] Starting 'app_themes'...
[19:28:57] Finished 'app_themes' after 59 ms
[19:28:57] Starting 'watch'...
[19:28:57] Starting 'connect'...
[19:28:57] Finished 'watch' after 17 ms
[19:28:57] Starting server...
[19:28:57] Server started http://localhost:4000
[19:28:57] LiveReload started on port 35729
[19:28:57] Running server

then i tried to open the project by entering http://localhost:4000 in my chrome browser (the browser did not automatically open) and the browser loaded and then outputted the following generic failed connection:

Chrome Error

please help, i am a little new to react, but willing to learn. Thanks.

Update 1:

so i thought it might be a firewall issue i made sure that both Node.js and Chrome were not blocked by the firewall. it however still does not work

Update 2:

I have changed the Port Number several times using a .env file on the react project root folder. i have tried the following port numbers now: 3000 3001 5000 50

I don't thin the port numbers are the issue here. moving on....

Update 3:

Im on my last legs and running out of ideas quick i created a React App with npx:

npx create-react-app modular-admin-html-1.4.0 and then cd modular-admin-html-1.4.0 and npm start. but unfortunately no progress - still won't open. i feel like i have made a fatal mistake at some point. please help.

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