I am trying to get a react-bootstrap working for popover and overlaytrigger working. I have multiple buttons and like to call a function to get popover formatting for each button. I am getting the following error

"React.createElement: type is invalid -- expect a string"

I look at the react example over and over again, still stuck on this error https://react-bootstrap.github.io/components/overlays/#popover-examples

here is my code so far

render() {
  return (

  <OverlayTrigger trigger="click" placement="top" 

Overlay = () => {
  const popover = (
    <Popover id="1">
      <Popover.Title as-"h3">Title One</Popover.Title>
      <Popover.Content>Test Content
  return popover;

If Overlay is s functional component, you should use the tag instead of calling the function on OverlayTrigger. React will call the function when rendering the component.



  • that did not work. got a invalid props error – user1250264 Jan 14 at 20:15

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