On my React project, I am using react-facebook-login package. I just went live and out of ~20 users, 2 of them cannot log in. They say that they filled their credentials, allowed facebook to login into my system, and /login page just refreshed itself, nothing happens. It seems that the error they are getting is:

You are overriding current access token, that means some other app is expecting different access token and you will probably break things. Please consider passing access_token directly to API parameters instead of overriding the global settings

What might cause this? I went through different answers and nothing helped me yet to solve the issue. I tried:

1) Creating test account on Facebook developer console. Error is sometimes displayed in console, sometimes not, but it goes through nonetheless.

2) Whitelisting everything related to my domain

3) I submitted my documents for Individual Verification, but others say it doesn't help

This is how my login procedure looks like:

  appId="<this is app id>"

I have disableMobileRedirect due to known bug.

This is my responseFacebook function:

const responseFacebook = response => {
    if (response.name && response.email && response.userID) {
      const isMw = attemptMwMember(response.email);

      Cookies.set("name", response.name);
      Cookies.set("email", response.email);
      Cookies.set("isLoggedIn", true);
      if (isMw) {
        Cookies.set("mw", true);
      } else {
        Cookies.set("mw", false);


Basically I use these cookies to know if user is logged in and in my application I have private and public routes. Private ones are checking if all of the above cookies are present, if not- redirects to /login.

Anyone had this issue? I am a bit going nuts here, especially when it works for majority but not for some users.

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