There's a bunch of articles out there that show how Redux can be replaced with context and hooks (see this one from Kent Dodds, for instance). The basic idea is to make your global state available through a context instead of putting it inside a Redux store. But there's one big problem with that approach: components that subscribe to the context will be rerendered whenever any change happens to the context, regardless of whether or not your component cares about the part of the state that just changed. For functional components, React-redux solves this problem with the useSelector hook. So my question is: can a hook like useSelector be created that would grab a piece of the context instead of the Redux store, would have the same signature as useSelector, and, just like useSelector, would only cause rerenders to the component when the "selected" part of the context has changed?

(note: this discussion on the React Github page suggests that it can't be done)


No, it's not possible. Any time you put a new context value into a provider, all consumers will re-render, even if they only need part of that context value.

That's specifically one of the reasons why we gave up on using context to propagate state updates in React-Redux v6, and switched back to using direct store subscriptions in v7.

There's a community-written React RFC to add selectors to context, but no indication the React team will actually pursue implementing that RFC at all.

  • Thank you for the authoritative answer, much appreciated. I'll definitely have to go through your article on the history of React-Redux (actually, I had it bookmarked already :)) – Nicolas Trahan Jan 15 at 14:11

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