This may seem a dumb question but perhaps someone can explain in simple terms what happens when you have deprecated methods "hanging around" like didRotateFromInterfaceOrientation for example. I get warnings when I build but the app still runs. Do the methods just not get called?


Deprecate means "please don't". (It is literally from a Latin verb that means "ask not to.") That's all it means. It is just a marking in the API.

So as long as something is in a deprecated state, it is usually usable along with a warning.

But then you have to think why something is deprecated. Deprecation is often a prelude to eventual withdrawal in a future version. So it is wise to start migrating your code to whatever the new thing is, so that you are future-proof. Otherwise you can be caught with your pants down having to change everything in a hurry when your code completely breaks because the deprecation becomes an error.

The question "do the methods not get called" can be a tricky one. There's no hard and fast rule, but sometimes what happens is that there are two ways to do something, the deprecated way and the new way; in that case, Apple often sets things up so that if you do things the new way, then yes, your older methods are not called. I'm talking here about delegate methods of various kinds; if you adopt the new delegate methods, the old delegate methods stop working.

  • Thank you, good explanation. – cavuco Jan 16 at 15:12
  • Wasn't aware, thanks – cavuco Jan 17 at 16:28

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