I have a kubernetes container which runs a java application on Google Cloud Platform. It used to work, but for some reason started to fail with CrashLoopBackOff.

I've tried to get the logs, but I get nothing back, I've tried kubectl logs <pod> -p, but it returns nothing.

I've ran kubectl describe pod <pod> and it prints out a whole load of information, but nothing that I can see as being meaningful.

I've tried running the docker image locally and it runs perfectly fine. Is there anyway to run the kubernetes instance interactively, so I can see the real live output?

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    Are you deploying it as a pod, or deployment? If this is a deployment, see if you see any errors in the deployment resource. Also, look at the event at the bottom of kubectl describe pod, you might see why it is failing to deploy. – Burak Serdar Jan 15 at 0:11
  • I'd also suggest trying to run up the docker image using a Compute Engine and specifying that the compute engine run the docker container from the registry in which it is held. – Kolban Jan 15 at 6:04