<input type=checkbox [(ngModel)]="myCheckBox" (ngChanged)="!myCheckBox">

for example, if I want the code above to pass the "checked" value, which is "true or false" to other components, so its contents can react based on "myCheckBox" true | false, and they are not in a parent child relationship, is there any way I can do that? Please help, really apprecipate it!!!!


Yes you can achieve this using rxjs with BehaviourSubject

You have to put some value in checkbox and then onchange you have to call a function which notifies the subscriber in your another component. I am writing up a very basic example for you.

In your sender.component.html you can do like this

<input type=checkbox [(ngModel)]="myCheckBox" (ngChanged)="!myCheckBox" (change)="notifyOtherComponent()">

Then in your service.ts you can do like this

import { BehaviorSubject } from 'rxjs';

private messageSource = new BehaviorSubject('default message');
public currentMessageSubscriber = this.messageSource.asObservable();

notify(message: any) {

And in your sender.component.ts you can do like this

  constructor(private __dataService : DataService){}

   this.__dataService.notify({msg : 'do something'}) 

And in your listener.component.ts you can subscribe to BehaviourSubject type Observable to listen the latest value like this

constructor(private __dataService : DataService){}

ngOnInit() {
   this.__dataService.currentMessageSubscriber.subscribe((data : any)=>{
    console.log(data) // output : {msg : 'do something'}

In this way you will be sending data to observable from one component and listening that data into another component.


You can implement it by different methods. For example: with EventEmitter or rxjs( Subject, BehaviourSubject);

In my example, I did through BehaviourSubject. stackblitz-link

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