I just updated my windows 10 from 1909 18363.535 to 1909 18363.592. Notepad++ used to work properly and was able to display Chinese Characters, but after this update enter image description here

NONE of the Chinese character can be displayed. Initially, I thought it was a Notepad++ problem, as it happened on my other laptop, so I copied the same file to my 2nd laptop which had the 18363.535 version, same version of Notepad++, the file was able to display just fine.

After the update, neither can display Chinese characters. I have even tried to change the file format, from UTF8 to ASCII and checked some character encoding. None worked. enter image description here enter image description here

All Chinese are now squares. You can even input the new ones.

My locale was set correctly to Chinese on both computers using windows 10 X64 English (UK) version. enter image description here

Anyone had the same/similar problems????


Did a long seach, as it turns out, it's a font problem.

enter image description here

Windows 10's lastest update somehow messed up the font.

  • how did you solve this problem? i have same problem. thanks – roudan Sep 20 '20 at 2:10
  • 1
    @roudan, you can configure the font through Settings-->Style Configurator, make sure the current font is correct. – Chuck Lu Mar 22 at 6:33

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