I have a weird problem. Everything in my app works great, including simple validation rules.

However, when I try and validate an array, NGINX is giving me a 502 bad gateway error.

For example, this works fine:

    $this->validate($request, [
        'name' => 'required',

But this causes the bad gateway error:

    $this->validate($request, [
        'steps.*.name' => 'required',
        'steps.*.title' => 'required',
        'steps.*.type' => 'required',
        'steps.*.answer_options' => 'nullable|required_if:steps.*.type,Question',
        'steps.*.input_type' => 'nullable|required_if:steps.*.type,Input',

I've tried increasing memory limits etc. in the server config and nothing has resolved the issue...how can I correct this and ensure it won't happen on the production server?

  • How big is your array? Can you try submitting only one record. – aceraven777 Jan 15 at 6:19
  • Funny you should ask, if I make the array smaller I don't get the bad gateway error. – kejodion Jan 15 at 6:19
  • Check my answer below – aceraven777 Jan 15 at 6:41
  • Are there any errors in nginx’s error log? What’s the output of the following command? sudo tail -30 /var/log/nginx/error.log – albus_severus Jan 15 at 6:45

Seems that your problem only occurs if you have a large POST request. Can you try adding these to your nginx.conf file:

proxy_buffer_size   128k;
proxy_buffers   4 256k;
proxy_busy_buffers_size   256k;

You may increase the values if you want, depending on how large is your POST data.

  • added this in the http section of nginx.conf, ran brew services restart nginx and it made no difference. – kejodion Jan 15 at 8:09
  • Just found this error - upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream – kejodion Jan 15 at 8:14
  • @kejodion, I updated my answer, kindly check my answer above. – aceraven777 Jan 15 at 8:46
  • that worked, I no longer get a 502, but if the POST data is too large it disappears from the request completely. do you know what setting will fix this? – kejodion Jan 15 at 18:23
  • I think that is a php.ini problem, can you edit your php.ini and increase your post_max_size and upload_max_filesize. – aceraven777 Jan 16 at 5:19

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