I've a 4-page form, where in 3rd form i'm selecting an image for upload. I'm storing the contents of first 3 forms in session. after 4th form is submitted, i'm collecting the required data from session variables and saving them in database. How do i destroy the session variables in django after 4th form is submitted because when i'm filling a new 4-page form, i get the previously uploaded image in 3rd form.

Is there any better way to execute multi-page forms in django?


You need to call del request.session['key'] to delete data from session. So try like this:

def fourth_form_submission(request):
    form = FourthForm(request.POST)
    if form.is_valid():
        data = form.cleaned_data
        # save data to DB from session
            del request.session['form_1_data']
            del request.session['form_2_data']
            del request.session['form_3_data']
        except KeyError:
       return HttpResponse("Data has been saved.")

Or you can use flush(), but it will delete all session data.

More information can be found regarding this in documentation.

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