I am trying to run a shell script from a php file. the php file basically unzips a file and places the contents in a directory called in $targetdir. now I call my shell script using shell_exec(pathtomyscript). Script basically is trying to do a pwd and print for now. I need to be able to read the $target from the shellscript. How can I do that, snippets are below

php file:

$zip->extractTo($targetdir); // place in the directory with same name  

        $message = "Your .zip file was uploaded and unpacked.";
    } else {    
        $message = "There was a problem with the upload. Please try again.";
    if($message) echo "<p>$message</p>";

shell script:


echo -e $PWD 
echo -e "\nHello\n" 
echo -e "\nWoohooo...!!\n"
echo "$1";

while read -r line
    echo "$targetdir"
done < <(/var/www/html/logreader/upload.php)

Any help would be of great help

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