I am using aspectJ class for Exception Handling aspect in Spring. i need to read values from properties files which is defined in spring bean. Presently I am reading property file using the context. is there any other option. earlier while i was using spring aop ,proxy object automatically read the properties file without accessing through the context.

Spring Config File

<bean id="applicationProperties"
    <property name="location">

public Properties exceptionProp = null;

ExceptionHandlingAspect Class(i have to use context for reading propeties here)

 public class ExceptionHamdlingAspect{

public void setExceptionProp(Properties exceptionProp) {

 @AfterThrowing(pointcut = "ExceptionHandlingAspect()", throwing = "ex")
public void logAfterThrowingException(final JoinPoint currentJp,
        Throwable ex) throws Exception {

ApplicationContext ctx = AppContext.getApplicationContext();
this.exceptionProp=(Properties) ctx.getBean("applicationProperties");   

System.out.println("error values :"+errorString[0]+ errorString[1]);



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You can wire up your aspect using the static aspectOf factory method (you can't see that method, it is added by the aspectj compiler)

<bean class="com.YourAspect" factory-method="aspectOf">
    <property name="exceptionProp"
              value="classpath:path/to/propfile.properties" />


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