so I am going through some of my code now and trying to get rid of some for loops I don't like & trying to get more experience with standard algorithms.. So the loop I have now can be explained best by the following code snippet :

// Defined struct
struct A {
  /* stuff */
  size_t computed_value() const { /* ... */ return value; }

// In other location in code
std::vector<A> vecA;
// ... insert tons of A's into vecA

size_t summed_value = 0;
for(const auto& a : vecA) {
  summed_value += a.computed_value();

This is the loop I want to replace with a standard algorithm, and I thought I had found the perfect fit.. std::transform_reduce in numeric header, but it seems that neither my version of clang or g++ has this function included..? Some other things I thought of are std::accumulate but it requires A be implicitly converted to an int (as far as I can tell) & std::transform but I couldn't find any way to use an int or size_t as the output value.

Note : I am only willing to use up to C++17 as of now.

Anyone have any advice on a function I should look into? Thanks!


The std::accumulate function should work just fine:

size_t summed_value = std::accumulate(begin(vecA), end(vecA), 0, [](size_t acc, A const& a)
    return acc + a.computed_value();
  • Thank you! I should have read further into accumulate documentation.. – Brandon Jan 15 at 12:00
  • N.B. your current code is much clearer. – Lightness Races BY-SA 3.0 Jan 15 at 13:02

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