I need to tunnel to mysql, the database is installed on a centos server. I have, I can connect to the server using my key. But not ssh.

the php is running on xampp apache only, windows 10, and the mysql is on a remote server.

$user = 'root';
$password = '123456';
$database = 'example_db';
$server = 'example.com';
$port = '3307';
exec('ssh -f -L 3307: root@example.com sleep 10 > /dev/null');
try {
    $db = new PDO("mysql:host=$server;port=$port,dbname=$database", $user, $password);
} catch (PDOException $e) {
    echo "Connection failed: " . $e->getMessage();

And the error is

Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found

If I'm connecting normally without using ssh, everything works but I need to use ssh tunneling because some companies only let us access port 80 on their servers and we have ssh access.

  • A guess: You did not get to the MySQL instance you though you were getting to. The error message implies that the table(s) did not exist; the connection cannot cause that error. – Rick James Jan 18 at 23:15

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