I am uploading a static site using the Azure Blob storage client library.

        blob_service_client = BlobServiceClient.from_connection_string(az_string)
        blob_client = blob_service_client.get_blob_client(container=container_name, blob=local_file_name)
        print("\nUploading to Azure Storage as blob:\n\t" + local_file_name)

        with open('populated.html', "rb") as data:
            test = blob_client.upload_blob(data, overwrite=True)

This is working but the HTML file is downloading instead of displaying. This is because the content type is wrong: Content-Type: application/octet-stream.

Is there any way to set this using upload_blob?


To get this working, I needed this:

my_content_settings = ContentSettings(content_type='text/html')
blob_client.upload_blob(data, overwrite=True, content_settings=my_content_settings)

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    The update was exactly what I needed. Thanks Mick! – Yi Li May 19 '20 at 5:20
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    Thanks for the update. Wasted a day by trying to find this in the insanely bad docs. – Damb Jun 8 '20 at 16:23
  • How did you import the class ContentSettings ? – harvpan Feb 8 at 22:33
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    @harvpan from azure.storage.blob import BlobServiceClient, ContentSettings – Gordy Feb 16 at 17:27

Looking at the code here, one of the parameters to this method is content_settings which is of type ContentSettings. You can define content_type there.

  • in case you are looking and do not see the comment above the ContentSettings model is available from the import from azure.storage.blob import BlobServiceClient, ContentSettings – Gordy Feb 16 at 17:28

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