I've been having a problem in Visual Studio 2019 where the program enters tabs as four spaces. This is annoying, since I have to hit backspace 4 times to erase an indent, and I need to use arrow keys 4 times to navigate an indent.

This used to work fine, but I had to uninstall and re-install Visual Studio to fix another problem (it kept running old versions of my code and wouldn't run the new version), and ever since then, I haven't been able to get it to work.

I went to settings, and selected 'keep tabs', but it still replaces it with four spaces every time i hit the Tab button. Interestingly, when I start a new line, I can navigate and backspace normally, but if I enter any more tabs, they are replaced with 4 spaces.

I've tried looking around, but I can't seem to find anything that addresses my issue. Can anyone help?


How to fix problem in Visual Studio with "Keep tabs" not working.

I also had this problem with tabs being converted to spaces.

I checked Tools>Options>Text Editor> (All languasges as well as c/c++) >Tabs> and assured that "Keep tabs" was selected.

After some trouble shooting I found that only one file had this problem (file1.h).

I created a new empty file (file2.h) that worked correctly. I took the statements from file1.h and divided them into small block. Then I moved the blocks to file2 and after each block I tested file2. After a few block suddenly file2.h failed. When I removed the last block from file2 the problem was solved.

My conclusion is, that the source code contained some invivisible code, that made the text editor turn off the "Keep tabs" setting.

I have seen comments about a setting "Use adaptive formatting" that might be relevant. So far I have turned this setting off.

My setup is Visual Studio Community 2019 v 16.4.4 with an Arduino plug in from Visual Micro v 1912 28 2.


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  • I tried opening a new file, and it worked fine, but when I moved any of the code from my program into the new file, the problem re-manifested. I went back to using Pythons IDLE shell, which is working much better. I'll keep in mind that it was probably something about the code itself or how it was formatted that was causing this problem, and I'll probably look into it more at some point in the future. – Sanford Bassett Feb 5 at 18:35
  • Despite going through the settings and ensuring Keep Tabs was checked, I too had the same problem though with a C# project which I downloaded. I tried removing all invisible control codes by cutting and pasting the code into Textpad, and repasting back... No good. The only thing that worked for me was to paste the code into TextPad, move all code to the left (Shift + Tab), pasting this left aligned code into VS2019, and then retabbing. – err1 Apr 28 at 9:26
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    Turning off "Use adaptive formatting" completely solved this frustrating problem for me, thank you! – Joosh1337 May 1 at 16:47

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