I have a typescript module that works in dev and production. it uses https://github.com/lorenwest/node-config I am trying to import it into jest to write tests against and it throws an error that indicates the config object is undefined

TypeError: Cannot read property 'get' of undefined
at Object.<anonymous> (src/email/email.service.ts:1877:43)


import config from 'config'
console.log('**********CONFIG GET*********', config); // undefined
const sendgridToken: string = config.get('socialApi.value') // throws error

I'd expect config to be defined its the default export of the config module


node-config version: config@3.2.4
node-version: 12.13.1
tsc -v
Version 3.7.4

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instead of

import config from 'config'

write this

import * as config from 'config'

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