I want to stream a encrypted file with actix-web in Rust. I have a loop that decrypts the encrypted file chunk by chunk using sodiumoxide. I want to send the chunks to the client.

My loop looks like this:

while stream.is_not_finalized() {
    match in_file.read(&mut buffer) {
        Ok(num_read) if num_read > 0 => {
            let (decrypted, _tag) = stream
                .pull(&buffer[..num_read], None)
                .map_err(|_| error::ErrorInternalServerError("Incorrect password"))

            // here I want to send decrypted to HttpResponse
        Err(e) => error::ErrorInternalServerError(e),
        _ => error::ErrorInternalServerError("Decryption error"), // reached EOF

I found a streaming method, which needs a Stream as a parameter. How can I create a stream where I can add chunk by chunk?

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