I have exposed a route in my Sanic app to set the log-level based on the client call. E.g.

from sanic.log import logger, logging

async def sanic_main(request):
    logger.info("Info mesg")
    logger.debug("Debug mesg")

    return json("processed")

async def setlevel(request):
    level = request.json["level"]
    if level == "info":
         loglevel = logging.INFO
    elif level == "debug":
         loglevel = logging.DEBUG

    return json("done")

On setting log levels between DEBUG and INFO, however, I am observing flaky behavior where the DEBUG messages (from "/main") get printed only some times and vice versa.

NOTE: I am running multiple Sanic workers

How should I go about dynamically setting the log level?


I have never done anything like this, but the sanic.log.logger is just an instance of <class 'logging.Logger'>. So, using setLevel should be fine.

The question is how are you running your app, and how many workers are you using? If you are in a situation where you have multiple processes, then using /setlevel would only change the logger for that one process.

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  • I do have multiple (4) workers. How do I go about making the log level sync-ed across all workers? – sandyp Jan 16 at 19:48
  • That is definitely the problem then. I think there are so many potential ways to do it, that the question becomes very broad-scoped for SO. Post your question on the Sanic forums, and I can try and help you troubleshoot it there in a more conversant format: community.sanicframework.org – The Brewmaster Jan 16 at 20:09
  • Will do. Btw your comment made me think if storing the log-level outside the app (in Redis) would make sense. That way, when a client invokes a route, a decorator can go check and set the log-level before serving every request. What do you think? My only concern would be the added latency but with Redis, I don't expect this to be a big deal. – sandyp Jan 16 at 20:12
  • For reference: stackoverflow.com/questions/59760808/… @sandyp will respond in the thread – The Brewmaster Jan 16 at 21:42

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