Is it possible with ssrs to export report to excel in such way that some of the columns will be removed? Columns should be visible in report, but when exporting to excel I would like to remove certain columns. There is possibility to hide certain columns with expression (=IIf(Globals!RenderFormat.Name Like "EXCEL", True, False))*, but when importing to excel there will be just empty column without data, but I do not need this column in excel at all. Just wondering is it somehow doable?

  • I 'think' its only possible with column groups. If you just try to set the visibility property all the textboxes within a column you're basically just making all the cells invisible but not the column itself. If you have a matrix with column groups you can set the visibility as you have tried. Jan 16, 2020 at 14:58

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Try this-

Create two versions of your matrix, using the same dataset; one for regular use and one for excel export (less columns). Create a parameter, name = "Excel", label = "Excel version?", with value/label options Yes/No.

Set expression in the visibility options of your matrices to correspond with the Yes/No options of that parameter.

Visibility option for regular matrix, select "show or hide based on an expression":


Visibility option for excel matrix, select "show or hide based on an expression":

  • In this case I would advice hiding columns on the same matrix, instead of using two seperate matrices
    – niktrs
    Jan 17, 2020 at 12:29

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