if it's newRev += str[i] it's hello but if str[i] is first it's reversed why?

function rev(str){
  newRev = ''
 for(let i = 0; i < str.length; i++) {
   newRev = str[i] + newRev
 return newRev


If you will try to have a dry run on your code, you will see the values of str[i] comes in the order h, e, l, l and o. So when appending based on your mentioned code, it will make it olleh but when it is newRev += str[i] which actually means newRev = newRev + str[i], that will append each letter at the end which will result in the correct string hello.


becuase newRev += str[i] is equaliant to

newRev = newRev + str[i] ('Momu' = 'Mom' + 'u')

and is different than

newRev = str[i] + newRev ('uMom' = 'u' + 'Mom')

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